Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Edible Gelatin Sequins

 Tutorial adapted from

4 x.25 oz. packets Knox Unflavored Powdered Gelatin
3 oz water
 In a microwave safe bowl, pour in 3 oz. (or 3/8 cup) cool water. Sprinkle each of the packets individually over the surface of the water evenly.

The gelatin will get weird and wrinkley looking when it begins to absorb the water. It's normal. Let it absorb as much as possible; there should be little to no dry, light powder left one the surface.

Microwave in short bursts of about 15 seconds until the thick mixture becomes very liquid. Give it a stir in between each burst in the microwave break up the solid areas and evenly distribute the heat throughout.

If the gelatin is liquid but still looks grainy when dripping from your spatula, heat it just until there are no more little grains. Do not over heat it, it should feel barely warm if you dip a finger in-- never hot.
After another 7 seconds in the microwave it was completely smooth and without a grainy texture.

And now, your ready to pour it into your little bottle fitted with a number 1 tip and start making sequins!

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